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Report on Chromebox
04-07-2015, 05:34 PM
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RE: Report on Chromebox
After some tweaking of the Harmony Remote I have it now set up to place the CB in Suspend on power off, this only uses 3 watts and gives me instant on when the system is switched on. The CB HDMI seems to be handshaking well with the AVR as there is no loss of either video or audio on wake from suspend or LAN. So far I am really happy with this box, and the OH is working well in the bedroom on WIFI for TV encodes. I really hope they (RC & CM) get the OH up to its full potential as it will be a great box in that case. I do like the OH but needed something that just works and is Spouse friendly, (I caught a lot of crap from the spouse when it glitched) and the CB HTPC is that, it is just working without any drama at all.
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04-07-2015, 06:31 PM
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RE: Report on Chromebox
(04-07-2015 10:34 AM)Dread Wrote:  Just wrote an Email to Rockchip. Not in regard when we have an update from them, but wherever we will have one. I ll post the possible answer, as soon as I get one.

Dear Support Staff

I ve buyed not to long ago a device with an RK3288, the OHC to be specific. We owners have our Forum so we ve been chatting for a while now.
Now it seems the OHC has still several Issues, it is in need for future firmware updates. (Android versions etc)
And that is the place where RC comes in. I ve seen you testing the RK3288 with Android 5 and other systems.
Will those features also come to our mediaplayer? How is it from the supporting side in general?

There are 3 possibilities on this regard I think
- It will be fixed/improved as fast as possible
- it will take time but you won t leave the chip before he isn t working perfectly
- You ve done all you can and the rest is up to the specific sellers.

I personally don t care much about a timeline, as long as the Box gets fixed, perfectly running in the end.
The chip seems very fast and with the proper software etc it would be a very nice product.
That is why I am interested.

Thanks in advance
with best regards
a customer

We have seen videos on Youtube of OHC testing a new firmware which will fix the HDMI passthrough issue. We have seen Lollipop RK3288 testing being done.

The answer will be both 1 & 2 I bet Smile

I'm really hoping for a good Linux version in a dual boot Android setup.

We as owners will have to put something into trying to get some things better and test software etc. but you are already doing that by asking questions and helping others.

Just want to reassure you as its great to have a new owner who realises that the squeaky wheel approach does not work and has the patience to wait. You wont get a lot of OH/CM involvement in the forum they leave it to the owners and post new firmwares/notices. So its a communication port for owners not a support arm of CM. Same as the NMT Forum is for the PCH.
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