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Forum Rules/Policy
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Forum Rules/Policy
Welcome to the Open Hour community forum

Please enjoy your visits and contribute to the community. This is a community run by and for Open Hour owners, this is not Cloud Media customer service or Support. They have their own support section in their website!

Development Information

Occasionally, Moderators may give out information about expected updates or newer program features/firmwares. Be advised that this information is strictly development information, and is subject to change without notice, and is held with no guarantees.

This is an English-language forum, if English is not your native tongue, please try, it doesn't have to be perfect, but the better accuracy will result in accurate answers.
For those who are familiar with English, please use proper spelling and grammar; we are not expecting perfect Essay-level English on this forum, however it will make it easier to read the conversation of the forum if it is well written.

Disclosure of potential conflicting interests
Please contact a moderator to have your user title changed to reflect any of the following:-
* Reseller - you sell CM or other consumer electronic devices
* Reviewer - you produce reviews of consumer electronic devices
* Software developer - you write apps or work closely with software development for the NMT.
* Cloud Media - you work for Open Hour or Cloud Media

Community Member Behaviour

Be respectful to your fellow members, there is zero tolerance for any flaming directed at a person's race, sexual orientation, religion, creed, sex, etc. Violation of this rule is an immediate permanent removal of posting privileges.

Search for your answer
Before posting a question, please use the search button and explore the Wiki, links at top of screen. A lot of answers can be found using these resources. It is inefficient for both parties to help with the same question which has been answered already. Inefficient for the poster as that user is waiting for a reply, when the answer is available. It is inefficient for the replier as this user is replying with the same answer.

Community Members are not being paid
This is a community forum moderated by users from the community. The moderators of this forum are volunteers and DO NOT work for Cloud Media or Open Hour. Please help them by observing the forum rules and their decisions.

This is a community forum, if you do not receive an immediate answer, please be patient. Keep in mind that members join this community forum to enjoy themselves, not to sit over their keyboards waiting to aid another user with their technological woe.

Do not post anything with regards your discussions with either your reseller or their Support services. These matters are between you and them. They have no opportunity to respond here on the forum, nor would we want them to, as the forum is not the place for these types of discussions.

Do not get mad if something doesn't work.

We are not sitting in your front room, so there is only so much can be done remotely. If a suggestion does not work, please let us know and we can try again.

Posting everything about your AV setup and network configuration in the first post will encourage other community members to help you. This information is usually necessary to help you identify what is the cause of your error. Help us help you

Forum Etiquette

* Trading & Advertising is not allowed.
* You may not post any software suggestions of any kind unless you have 10 valid forum posts.
* Advising in a post on any software or hardware solution must be to the direct benefit of the community.
* The Forum Member posting the advice should in no way be related to, or benefit from, the sale of the advised solution... as in this case we would consider this commercial advertisement....
* Campaigning for a specific function or ability, or subject is not allowed. Post once in the feature request thread.
* Cross posting or multiple posting is not allowed
* Flaming is not allowed; everyone is entitled to their opinion. Be respectful about it.
* Thread-Jacking is not allowed. All replies must reply to the topic starter's topic. Do not change the topic unless the original topic starter changes the subject at his/her accord.
* Necroposting is not allowed, if a thread is dead for 28 days, it is meant to stay dead. It is not considered nercro-posting if the original topic starter or a MOD posts a reply as an update.
* Spamming is not allowed.
* Trolling is not allowed.


* To add/alter your signature go to User Control Panel and select Change Signature. You can preview your signature.
* Please post your CM and other hardware details in your signature.
* Do NOT post links to software or traders in your signature, they will be removed and you will be warned.
* Do not link to images in your signature.

Posting Etiquette

In General
Please use these Golden Rules when participating in the Forum

* When new to the forum you are not allowed to post links in your first posts due to spam filters. Your user title needs to be updated which Forum Admin will do ASAP
*Do not link to illegal or ethically/morally questionable/objectionable material.
*Referring to illegal activity is one thing; going into detail about said activity is another.
*Do not swear or use non-English profanity; do not test the censor engine.
*Do not use release crew names, replace with x/X as appropriate.
*Do not quote your conversations with Open Hour on the forum.
*If you are NOT running the latest firmware state so in your post.


Posting Images
The Forum does not allow users to host images, please use the following link on how to link images on the Forum:-

Thread Titles
Please use very specific titles in your thread title. The more descriptive it is, the more likely someone will be willing to help you; stating "help me" is not helpful. Stating "I cannot map a drive" is more helpful.
Be sure to post in the appropriate sections of the forum. While threads can be moved, it's make it easier if the thread is posted initially in the correct category.
Please do not use ALL CAPs in the thread titles.

Problem Video Information
Please run any problem video file through avinaptics or mediainfo and post the report details.


In general
You must either seek or give advice in your posts; personal anecdotes are not considered advice. Do not post "read the WIKI" without posting a relevant link.

Replying when no member has replied to your previous post
Please edit your earlier post rather than making multiple posts in a row (without anyone having replied since to your last post)

Replying topics that were locked or deleted
Do not start another thread to answer another thread; if the original thread was locked or deleted, it was for a reason. Do not bring it up again

Bumping old threads.
This is not allowed in most cases, especially if you have nothing to add to the thread except a random comment. In most cases, it is better just to make a new thread and reference the old thread for background information; but use your best judgement.


A warning can range from a simple slap on the wrists to a notice of a last chance.
Most warnings are meant to be informative rather than punitive and to officiallyĀ¯ log an infraction in a members account history.

Some members seem to overreact to warnings. If you receive a warning DON'T:

* Post on the forums complaining or asking "Why?"
* Appeal your warning, there is no appeal

Finally have FUN Big Grin
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