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Kodi and Apple Time Capsule
09-13-2015, 12:53 PM
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Kodi and Apple Time Capsule
Hello Everyone,

I started today with a brand-new OHC. Everything works fine (popcorn-time, netflix) but i have problems with connecting Kodi with my Apple Time Capsule. I can see the TC when browsing and with the same procedure (name TC and login) on my Apple TV and MacbookAir, the Android Kodi won't connect to my TC.

NB my procedure:
I try to add a source with ip address of the TC and use login name and password. Normally i could add the folder where the movie would be.

BTW The android own movie streamer app works fine with the TC but i want to use Kodi for subtitles.
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09-14-2015, 11:07 PM
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RE: Kodi and Apple Time Capsule
Try NFS as that's native to Apple sharing. Apple stuff tends to be pretty locked down and incompatible with most non apple devices.

Try the kodi forum and your time capsule manual as you want smb or nfs shares and then in kodi add then under video > files after first going into settings and setting up the sharing for k┼Źdi.

OHC > HDMI > TV (Panasonic 42G20)
Downmix stereo using standard Kodi(MC) 15.2 no hware/acc OK
Downmix stereo 1.0.40/RK Kodi(RKlib) 15.2 infrequent audio gaps hware/acc OK

No DTS downmix available for inbuilt eMC player

Gecko> HDMI > TV (Panasonic 42G20)
Downmix stereo using Gecko Kodi 15.0 OK
Downmix using inbuilt MediaCentre OK

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