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09-11-2015, 03:23 PM
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Why does Popcorntime not work or do i something wrong? I am only waiting on torrent..
I mean the popcorntime app, not popcorn on ispm.

But.. Popcorntime (flix and tv) on ispm, why is it all poor SD quality?

I just want to see good HD quality like you can find on Netflix, where can I find this and wich apps you recommend to download?
Yes I bought OHC for programms like Netflix, legal or not.
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09-12-2015, 12:52 AM (This post was last modified: 09-12-2015 12:52 AM by chris57.)
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RE: Popcorntime
Netflix works on the OHC as does Youtube and Showbox. Never bothered with Popcorntime as it attracts too much attention and I keep hearing of outages and legal challenges etc.

I use Kodi and its Addons for live streaming:

What you do on your OHC whether legal or not is your responsibility. It's OK to refer to illegal operation on here but we don't go into great detail as we don't want to attract legal issues.

If you are coming from a PC using the likes of Windows or Linux remember Android is not that great as an OS. It takes sometimes apps to be rooted and also to share content form the OHC to other devices you have to install a SMB server app.

Personally you need a few utilities installing and then choose which APPS you want from Google Play.

I use:
- esexplorer/solid explorer
- Kodi with Addons like SportsDevil, Genesis, etc. for media playback. If you like me have no AVR then you need an app that can decode audio. The native player wont do it so you have to use a third party like Kodi which is usually the main reason for purchasing an OHC in the first place.
- showbox a lot like:
Each app will usually have its own site to ask questions on operation etc

Remember we are all simply OHC owners hleping one another here on the forum, no one works for OH we are all helpinh one another.

OHC > HDMI > TV (Panasonic 42G20)
Downmix stereo using standard Kodi(MC) 15.2 no hware/acc OK
Downmix stereo 1.0.40/RK Kodi(RKlib) 15.2 infrequent audio gaps hware/acc OK

No DTS downmix available for inbuilt eMC player

Gecko> HDMI > TV (Panasonic 42G20)
Downmix stereo using Gecko Kodi 15.0 OK
Downmix using inbuilt MediaCentre OK

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