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terribly slow networking
07-25-2015, 03:42 PM
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terribly slow networking

Anyone experiencing terribly slow networking speeds on the openhour chameleon? Anything just takes ages to load.

I have opened a support ticket with cloudmedia. They have just closed the ticket with no reply.

Everything else is working just fine on the same network.

I managed to download the speedtest app.

from another device on the same network. download 31.33 Mbps, upload 1.74 Mbps
from the open hour, download 0.51 Mbps, upload 0.89 Mbps

Google play apps take ages to install. I managed to install the youtube app - all videos are buffering every few seconds. I tried playing videos from local SMB share, it is taking 10 minutes to buffer a few seconds of HD video, before stopping and buffering more.

I have just replaced the latest image on the SD card. The issue is still there.

Could I be doing anything wrong or the device is just defective?

CloudMedia support PLEASE REPLY. Tickets 23803, 24083

Thanks and Regards
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07-25-2015, 11:53 PM (This post was last modified: 07-25-2015 11:55 PM by chris57.)
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RE: terribly slow networking
Moved your thread out of presales and into hardware.

Something seems wrong as that's not what I'm seeing.

There's a thread where early adopters did some SD card testing:-
test your card just to make sure that its not at fault as it'll be used for everything as the OS is on it etc.

Also read this thread to make sure you are not using anything other than the recommended card type:

I can stream successfully 1080p videos from Kodi. I dont use Youtube.

I use a static internal ip setup with google DNS server addresses. Are you using static or DHCP ip? Try going with static for devices on your LAN that are not portable it helps I find in practice.

I'll test using Speedtest but my ISP speed is only 7Mb/s.Sad Last time I tested copy after installing SMBServer and rooting the player I got 16MB/s for SMB transfers. Android is a nightmare for SMB, NTFS, EXT4 etc.
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