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20151106 Open Hour Gecko Firmware - openhouradmin - 11-13-2015 11:19 AM

This is an Open Hour Gecko 20151106 firmware release.

Note: This is a full update package to support ATMOS HDMI Bitstream, the update will remove all the user installed apps and data, please backup your data before proceed to this update.

1. Download the firmware from: update_open_hour_gecko_20151106/ (md5 checksum: 8507e6da742f863aedd80d638ccbfffb)

2. Copy the to the root of your thumbdrive.

3. Plug the thumbdrive to Gecko USB port.

4. Go to Settings -> System -> Local Upgrade -> Select Drive and OK. Then, player will reboot and update the firmware.

1. Added ATMOS HDMI Bitstream support
2. Updated the Clean up app
3. Fixed the SAMBA services being turn off after reboot issues
4. Added some languages localization
5. Updated custom to Kodi 15.0 Git: Unknown (Compiled: Oct 16 2015)

Updates: A small OTA update 20151207 is available that fixed some languages issues in Launcher.

RE: 20151106 Open Hour Gecko Firmware - lundman - 11-13-2015 01:40 PM

Works nice, very smooth play back. The channelcheck.m2ts actually works right, so that's a first.

But, you still can't play from RARs so, I have to keep using SPMC.

RE: 20151106 Open Hour Gecko Firmware - chris57 - 11-13-2015 10:45 PM

Downmix was not working in either the mediacentre or kodi for mkv/ac3(5.1) mkv/dts(5.1) bd iso dts(5.1), etc. Stereo mp4/aac worked.

This is after making the correct settings on both android and kodi and rebooting kodi and the player. I turn it off, ten mins later back on and pow audio back to normal. Have to put it down to hdmi negoiation willem.☺

Also is there anyway of losing the annoying clicks using the remote. Normally in android sound settings.

RE: 20151106 Open Hour Gecko Firmware - ipool - 11-14-2015 02:38 PM

I can not update as described before

First when is plug in the USB Drive it asks me to update new Software.
Then it gos on till it is checking the files
Then it tells:
not valid update package!

It is not possible to do.

Other way, if I'll try the procedure like described in first post:
Go to Settings -> OK
System -> OK
Local Upgrade -> Not existing

Please give me a hand how to make the update

RE: 20151106 Open Hour Gecko Firmware - chris57 - 11-14-2015 03:48 PM

You've only 1 post so not sure what failed update as before you are referring to, I'll presume that you have a Gecko.

Download again in case your package is corrupted. Then simply place on a USB stick. Then plug that in and when accessing via Local Storage you should see a drive letter. Select that and if its the USB card not another location it should work. Make sure that the Gecko has mounted the USB stick, use FAT32 for the USB stick format.

Dont unzip all you need to put on the USB stick is in the root of the stick.

RE: 20151106 Open Hour Gecko Firmware - JimMc - 11-18-2015 12:20 AM

Upgrade went smooth. Forgot to backup, so now I start from scratch with settings, apps, kodi add-ons, etc.

RE: 20151106 Open Hour Gecko Firmware - pklaas - 11-18-2015 03:48 PM

Upgrade went smooth here also. Backed Kodi up with addon 'Backup'. Very nice.

RE: 20151106 Open Hour Gecko Firmware - popcorn hour dragon - 11-24-2015 07:23 AM

i dont know if its the right place to ask but after firmware update hebrew srt shown as mirror .
both from gecho media center and from kodi .

RE: 20151106 Open Hour Gecko Firmware - chris57 - 11-24-2015 09:30 AM

Hebrew subs +1 Angel

RE: 20151106 Open Hour Gecko Firmware - popcorn hour dragon - 12-04-2015 07:42 PM

I tried reinstalling Kodi local version what solved the hebrew srt mirror problem and
now hebrew srt looks ok but this way i lost the HD audio formats support .
made the firmware update again and reinstalling kodi again and back to the optimized version .
i hope there will be new firmware update soon with a solution to this issue both from the media center player and kodi.

RE: 20151106 Open Hour Gecko Firmware - chris57 - 12-06-2015 01:28 AM

Yep that makes sense as I thnk you have to use the supplied Kodi to get HD audio as standard Kodi cannot give HD audio or 3D yet.

RE: 20151106 Open Hour Gecko Firmware - grimmace92 - 12-08-2015 05:15 PM

If I update Kodi to 15.2 is it going to break anything in terms of playback or do I need to stick with what is in the firmware for now?

RE: 20151106 Open Hour Gecko Firmware - Willem55 - 12-08-2015 07:46 PM

the firmware update comes with an "enhanced" Kodi 15.2 using the generic Kodi 15.2 will break HD audio passthrough.

RE: 20151106 Open Hour Gecko Firmware - grimmace92 - 12-09-2015 03:35 AM

It comes with 15.0 enhanced right not 15.2. Just wanted to make sure I didn't miss something.

RE: 20151106 Open Hour Gecko Firmware - jaxob - 12-09-2015 08:41 PM


Sorry for my bad englisch but i live in Holland is have some trouble whith the kodi player i cannot get it to download dutch subtitels.
i hoped it wash solved whith this upedate but no if i get the player from th kodi site it works verry wel.
what am i doning wrong.